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MSD's 24 hour Customer Service Department is always available to answer any questions...

  • My sewer is backed up. What should I do?
  • Will you please explain my wastewater bill?
  • What is a sinkhole?
  • When will sewers be available in my area and what is the cost?

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Mail correspondence to:

MSD - Customer Service
P.O. Box 740011
Louisville, Kentucky 40201-7411

Office Location Address:

MSD Building
700 W Liberty St.
Louisville, KY 40203
(SW corner of 7th and Liberty St.)

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MSD Offices will be closed on all dates listed in the holiday schedule:
2013 MSD Holiday Schedule

See below to contact a specific department or area of interest.


The following employees are available only during regular business hours.

Department/Area of Interest

Contact Person
(click on for email)

Phone Number

Affirmative Action Lynne Fleming 502-540-6622
Assessments / Collector Sewer Projects Steve Emly 502-540-6509
Assessment Warrants Claretta Hamilton 502-540-6273
Basement Backup / Plumbing Modification Program Customer Relations 502-587-0603

Billing/Revenue Issues for Wastewater/Stormwater

A'donis Henderson 502-540-6455
Board Information Dana Price 502-540-6204
"BUD" (Before you Dig) inquiries for MSD facilities Rick Watkins 502-540-6828
Capacity Charge Waivers Lanita Grimes 502-540-6513
Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Justin Gray 502-540-6398
Community Affairs / Press Contact Steve Tedder 502-540-6591
Computer Issues HelpDesk 502-540-6200
Connection Fee Lanita Grimes 502-540-6513
Consent Decree/EPA Angela Akridge 502-540-6136
Customer Relations Lanita Grimes 502-540-6513
Customer Relations Department Issues Steve Tedder 502-540-6591
Customer Relations Requests Customer Relations 502-587-0603
Development Review David Johnson 502-540-6392
Disaster & Emergency Services (DES) Dennis Thomasson 502-540-6245
Supplier Diversity

Joy Walker

Easements and MSD Property Steve Emly 502-540-6509
Emergency Response Dennis Thomasson 502-540-6245
Employment Gwen Reed 502-540-6216
Enforcement (WDR & Hazmat) Scott Porter 502-540-6623
EPA Consent Decree Angela Akridge 502-540-6136
Facilities/Physical Assets Lopez High 502-540-6611
Flood Pumping Station Daren Thompson 502-540-6528
Floodplain Issues Lori Rafferty 502-540-6344
Floodwall/Levees John Carsone 502-540-6997
GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Curt Bynum 502-540-6121
Ground Restoration Customer Relations 502-587-0603
Industrial Pretreatment / Hazardous Materials Control Team Lisa Gaus 502-540-6910
LOJIC Curt Bynum 502-540-6121
Land/Easement Acquisition Scott Porter 502-540-6623
Litigation / Legal Issues Paula Purifoy 502-540-6622
Map and Data Sales, LOJIC Ken Bailey 502-540-6150
Odor Problems Customer Relations 502-587-0603
Open Records Requests Dana Price 502-540-6568
Permits – Stormwater Lori Rafferty 502-540-6344
Permits – Water Quality Treatment Centers Alex Novak 502-540-6793
Plumbing Modification Program / Basement Backups Customer Relations 502-587-0603
Press Releases Steve Tedder 502-540-6591
Project WIN Angela Akridge 502-540-6136
Property Service Connections - New Joey Ashby 502-540-6384
Publications Steve Tedder 502-540-6591
Purchasing Rene' Thomas 502-540-6364
Quality Charge Billing Disputes Maria Mullany 502-540-6368
Rain Barrels Wes Sydnor 502-540-6274
Rain Gardens Wes Sydnor 502-540-6274
Safety / Health Issues Lopez High 502-540-6611
Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Justin Gray 502-540-6398
Sanitary Sewer Problems Customer Relations 502-587-0603
Sanitary Sewer Record Drawings Customer Relations 502-587-0603
Service Requests Customer Relations 502-587-0603
Stormwater Problems Customer Relations 502-587-0603
Stream Monitoring Justin Gray 502-540-6398
Water Quality Treatment Plant Tours Robert Bates 502-540-6733
Morris Forman Water Quality Treatment Plant Alex Novak 502-540-6793
Water Quality Treatment Plants - (Other than Morris Forman) Alex Novak 502-540-6793
Water Quality Justin Gray 502-540-6398

Last Updated: January 16, 2014

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